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The CCS Instagram was born back in 2015. Created by Theo, it was a way for him to personally log his trips to Xing Guang – the camera mecca of Shanghai. It was a way of keeping his Camera Porn together in one safe place (where his mum would never find it). It wasn’t until he returned back from Germany in 2017, that he decided to take the page to where it sits right now @chinacamerastyle. Taking inspiration from the @tokyocamerastyle Instagram (A page, that if you are interested in film photography, you already know), Theo started to record all of the street machines he found himself coming across on a regular basis in a way that appealed to him. Showing the camera, and the hands they belonged to.

Josh met Theo by chance, after a few beers at a skateboard event. Theo wanted to shoot a picture of Josh’s freshly fixed up Rolleicord Vb for his Instagram page. Josh runs a small group in Shanghai dedicated to film photography, and after a quick exchange of QR codes, some questionable WeChat stickers and a few weekends shooting together, they ended up talking about this project. Those discussions involved a small amount of planning, and a large amount of beer (and some creative help from design God Tim Binnion). Those beers ended up leading here. With all involved hoping you enjoy this site.

Josh and Theo are not professionals. In fact, they are quite far from it. They wanted to develop content that detached itself from the snot, slime and hipster bollocks that is all too often encountered inside this glorious hobby that we do for F-U-N. The main aim of this project is to encourage you to go and have some fun with your own camera. To make sure this happens, China Camera Style will be providing you with interesting projects, opportunities for submissions, Camera Porn and the shooting experiences of ‘Joe Everyman’.

China Camera Style is dedicated to giving an honest, open review of all the cameras that are currently sat on your eBay watch list, or in your Taobao cart right now. Each camera is loaded with a roll of Fujifilm c200, rain or shine. It is always shot in one day, by the same nerd. It’s taken to the same lab, scanned with the same scanner and posted onto the site, as is received (via. Email).

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