Arthur Sanford – Everyday Cuba

The running idea behind this project was simply to randomly walk the streets and try to capture the vernacular of everyday Cuba. That is, what local people there commonly see and take for granted. If there were a method here, it would be seeing the passing of time and decay on the streets, back alleys, shops, and waterfronts, all the while reflecting little to no discernible economic change that has happened nearly everywhere else in the world. However, I didn’t really go around with that on my mind. Much of these photos are just casual and intuitive. Traveling and photographing Cuba is like exploring the relics of an earlier world before our modern economic and architectural age.

All of the color photos were taken in Matanzas and Playa Varadero, except the one “pink apartment sandwiched between other buildings” which was in old town Havana. The back and whites of the fishermen and boy leaning on the dock were taken at Cayo Granma. The man laying on the beach was at Playa Varadero, and the cars in the city were at Santiago de Cuba, if I recall correctly.



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