Camera: Mamiya 645AF D

Today I went for a street sesh with my friend Alex, as always, we went to explore some streets of Shanghai, both of us with Nikon, myself with a Nikon F4 and he with his Nikon F6 + Mamiya 645AF D, a magic camera.

I tried some shoots with it and I was impressive with the precision of the autofocus system that the camera has, and also the sound of the lock, it’s really impressive. One good point for this camera is that you can make 16 photos with a medium format camera, that is a lot of good quality photos for 1 roll of medium format.

Everything in the camera is pretty simple, is the perfect camera if you want click and walk and don’t waste seconds on focus or checking the light and stuff, this camera is perfect for the one who wants to be fast. He told me in China he paid for the camera around 1000 USD with the lenses, the camera had one 45mm F2.8 equals around a 28mm in a 35mm camera.

Please check some of the results made by Alex Pollnow using this beautiful Mamiya 645AF D camera!

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