Experience & Review: Pentax LX

Having moved apartment, and spent what feels like an eternity away from shooting, I couldn’t pass up another weekend of glorious weather in Shanghai. As an added bonus, Theo invited our friend Alex Pollnow to come and shoot with us. It’s no secret that there are a few cameras I get a bit ‘fan girly’ over. It just so happened, that Alex was going to let me shoot one of them – The Pentax LX.


The Pentax LX is a 35 mm single-lens reflex camera produced by Pentax in Japan. It was introduced in 1980 and produced until 2001. The LX uses the K mount which is the Pentax proprietary bayonet lens mount. It has manual and aperture priority automatic exposure modes. I shoot an Fm3a, and compared, in my opinion, the LX is like the cool kid, who’s parents let them drink and have house parties.

Sure, the Fm3a looks classic, is a joy to shoot and has a fantastic range of lenses – But – look at the Pentax LX… Look at it. Small, functional and ‘weatherproof’. Alex’s was fitted with a DF-1 45 degree finder, set into ‘A’ mode and loaded with a roll of Ultramax 400.



Results of Pentax LX


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