Film Review: Kodak ColorPlus 200

This is the cheapest film offered by Kodak, is a budget option in the ISO 200 range, is a color negative for daily use, daylight balanced (5500K). This film is very easy to find in China, they are almost everywhere.

What I like most of this film is the yellow color they come as the results, a lot of people consider it as a bad film, but in my opinion they are great and if you use it in a good way to can achieve great results on that.

If you like the yellow tones, for sure this is the right film, if the lights are not that strong if you use it for sure your colors will became a bit yellow, that make most of the people love or hate it.

Check some results using the Kodak ColorPlus 200 with a Nikon F4 and 28mm lens.

Photographer: Theo Paul Santana



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