Fujifilm Velvia 100 + Mamiya 645 Pro

The VELVIA 100/120 uses new technologies which make it possible to create an even finer grain and doubling the sensitivity.

Progress in emulsion technology has made it now possible to create a saturation and color rendition which is known already with the Velvia 50 which in this case is used as reference film in Landscape- and Nature photography.

The new generation of the VELVIA 100 is therefore not only geared towards photographers who particular seek this property but also to introduce actually a product which is on the top of its evolution, delivering at ISO 100 an ultra-fine grain, excellence in sharpness and highest quality in saturation.

Filmtype: Colour Slide
Film Format: Medium Format 120
Speed: ISO 100/21°
Length: 16 Exposures (6×4.5)

The Provia 100 F Professional (RDP III) is a moderately-sensitive daylight-balanced slide film with ISO 100/21° with unusually fine grain, vivid color reproduction, the very wide scale of tone reproduction and extremely neutral gray color balance.

Fujichrome Velvia 100 Professional RVP 100 Color Reversal Film from FUJIFILM is a daylight-balanced color transparency film that exhibits incredibly high color saturation reproduction along with a super-fine grain structure to render imagery cleanly and clearly. It has a medium-speed nominal sensitivity of ISO 100/21° when processed in E-6 or CR-56 processes and can effectively be pulled one-half stop or pushed one stop with Minimal variations in color balance and graduation.


The introduction of new-generation cyan, magenta, and yellow couplers gives this film its uniquely saturated look and also offers anti-fading characteristics for ensured color image storage permanence. High overall contrast and vivid color reproduction make this film ideal for use in a wide range of photographic applications and are especially well-suited for use in scenic and nature photography.

Location: Baoshan Park (Shanghai)
Date: 9-Jun
Camera: Mamiya 645 Pro
Film: FUJI Velvia 100
Development: C41
Scanner: Noritsu HS-1800

Some results using the Fuji Velvia 100.

Photos by: Theo Paul Santana (Instagram)

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