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Josh hasn’t been in Shanghai for all that long, and in many ways, his brain has not quite managed to perceive the vast difference between the human zoo of Shanghai, and the quiet cliffs of Cornwall. He works a ‘normal’ grind, and reserves his weekend for shooting all manner of personal projects. Usually, he is organising excursions in a WeChat group he runs dedicated to all things film (hit him up if you are in Shanghai!).

Josh has never shot a digital camera, that wasn’t his iPhone, and only started taking photography seriously as a result of his love for taking things to pieces (and only sometimes putting them back together). A gummed-up Nikon FM was brought back to life, and not being one to leave things gathering dust, he found himself armed with a functioning camera. From here, his journey began.  He’s waded through different formats, films and lenses and he’s barely touched the surface. I think that is what appeals to him the most.

If you have a problem, he’s more than happy to take a look at your camera. This being said, there is a strong likelihood it will be much worse off than before you gave it to him.

A self-professed waster of film. You can follow Josh here:


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