Kodak ColorPlus 200

The two most popular consumer films used today are Kodak ColorPlus 200 and Fuji Fujicolor C200. For someone new to the analog world, these two films are good for starters and often overlooked and underused by experienced amateurs because of their price. Speaking of which, they happen to be in the same price range, and are among the least expensive color negatives readily available, if you look in the right direction.

Considering all this I decided to put them into a head-to-head to see how they perform. Although they may not be the “pro-choice”, for you professionals out there, I’m still happy if my little project entertained you though.

Kodak ColorPlus 200 is the cheapest film offered by Kodak nowadays. ColorPlus 200 is the budget option in the ISO200 range, comparable to Fujicolor C200 or AgfaPhoto Vista plus 200. “Quality-wise” is supposed to be below the Kodak Gold 200, however, I don’t believe that is completely true. In fact, ColorPlus 200 is a highly underrated film. Even being the cheapest film around, it will give great results.

ColorPlus 200 is a color negative 35mm film, daylight balanced (5500K) with an ISO 200. Affordable, ideal for many applications. It is a less refined film that uses an older emulsion. The old emulsion used in this film allows for images with tones that remind a bygone era.

When using film you’re confronted with plenty of choices, one of the main ones being how much you’re willing to spend on each roll. While for specific projects or purposes certain films may be needed – for example, the overexposed Fuji Pro 400H look that’s become so in demand for weddings, as is the timeless quality of Portra and it’s color palette. But for day to day shooting it’s just as important to have a good range of cheaper everyday films that you can rely on – those reliable workhorse films that give results that are good enough without breaking the bank and making you rethink using many films. I’ve recently used a few rolls of Kodak Color Plus 200, a cheaper budget option from Kodak for which little official information is available.

Kodak ColorPlus 200 is a standard color negative film for 35mm. It is available with 24 or 36 images per roll. ISO 200 films are best suited for sunny or slightly clouded days and bright studio lights if you want to keep the shutter speed high to reduce shutter shake.

I believe that makes it a great all-purpose travel film if you change subjects every shot. You can consider Kodak Portra as an upmarket alternative if you are looking for finer grain and more shadow details.

Location: Iran
Date: February 2019
Camera: Nikon F80
Lenses: Nikon AF FX NIKKOR 28mm f/2.8D and Nikon 85mm f/1.8 G
Film: Fujicolor C200
Development: C41
Scanner: Fuji Frontier SP-3000

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