Kodak Vision2 100T

The Kodak Vision2 100T Color Negative Film 5212 /7212 is the sharpest color negative motion picture film. With excellent flexibility and extremely fine grain, Kodak Vision2 100T Film offers clean and crisp images. And now, 100T Film also includes superior VFX capabilities. So you can shoot all your scenes for digital compositing on the same stock.

Kodak Vision2 100TThe Kodak Vision2 100T Film family is the first line of products created specifically for both film and digital postproduction. What’s more, all Kodak Vision2 100T Films provide excellent tone scale and flesh-to-neutral reproduction. With superior shadow and highlight detail and very fine grain. Kodak Vision2 100T Films also maintain neutrality through the full range of exposure. So you can convey exactly the look you intended all the way from capture to post. KODAK Kodak Vision2 100T Film. Tell your story from the beginning to the very last detail.

Location: Laoximen (Shanghai)
Date: 8-Jun
Camera: Nikon F80
Lenses:  Nikon AF FX NIKKOR 28mm f/2.8D
Film: Kodak Vision2 100T
Development: ECN-2
Scanner: Noritsu HS-1800

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