Living History: Bound Feet Women of China

Recently we stoped by a great photographer called Jo Farell she is based in Hong Kong and often go visit villages for cultural anthropologist and a woman my focus lies in women’s traditions and cultures particularly those that are disappearing.

For this project she used a Hasselblad 500 with Ilford HP5 film.

According to Jo Farell she always asked the most is “Why did these women do this?” — and my answer is always to explain as best I can that in every society, in every culture women (and men) alter themselves to ‘fit-in’ to be accepted, to conform to their society’s norms. The rise of cosmetic surgery globally is proof alone that individuals feel they need to assimilate. Why do we do this? To be accepted, to have a better life, to be loved.

Jo Farell and some of the ladies in Yunnan

For more photos you can find on her website

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