Nikon F4 + Portra 400

Recently I am using the Nikon F4 for most of my projects, it’s a super reliable camera and with a very interesting design. So far I like this camera the only thing that make me anoying is the weight of that, is SUPER heavy and if you want to out for a walk with a huge piece of camera with you in my case is not so conviniente.

I tried most of the Nikon cameras in the past and in my opinion the cameras are just the body that do not influence that much in the results, the most important is the lenses that you are using, if you use good lens with bad body the results will be great anyway.

If you are into heavy cameras go for the F4 is a super good camera with a lot of functions that you can play around.

Those are some of the results with the Nikon F4 using a 28mm lenses and Kodak Portra 400 film.

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