Experience & Review: Nikon L35AF

Experience & Review: Nikon L35AF

As you can see from the video below, Shanghai has been treating us to some lovely weather. So lucky, right? Well, you should feel lucky too, but not in the sarcastic way. We’re treating you wonderful people to another compact camera review! This time, the focus (pun intended) will be on the Nikon L35af. It might well be the size and shape of a VHS tape, but this beautiful 80’s box has one outstanding lens.

The Nikon L35af was Nikon’s first compact (feel free to roll your eyes here) camera with autofocus. It was released in 1983, a few years after the rest of it’s competitors had been cashing in on the compact, auto-focus market. It’s highly regarded, because it’s robust, ergonomically and aesthetically wonderful. Everything is in its right place. From the shutter lock, to the self-timer and ISO adjustment.

The lens was an updated version of the sonnar designed by Koichi Wakamiya, and had a wonderful nickname, that I can’t pronounce correctly, the ‘Pikaichi’. The model I shot, has a max ISO of 400. If you’re in the market for one of these, I suggest keeping your eyes peeled for the one that runs to ISO1000. Personally, I love what this lens can do, but don’t be expecting to go shooting like you’re at the range, because the auto-focus is slower than a Shanghai subway escalator. Much like our video with the XA, we hit Xing Guang, loaded up some C200, and went for a stroll in the drizzle to see what we could see.

Experience & Review: Nikon L35AF

Nikon L35AF + Fuji C200:

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