Experience & Review: Olympus XA

Experience & Review: Olympus XA

After some discussions with project overlord Theo Santana, we decided to finally get this show on the road. The idea is to share with you the first-hand experiences of your everyday camera nerd, using some of the cameras found here in Shanghai. I am in no way a professional, but I sure do like cameras. I like them in the very same way I liked Pokémon in Grade 6, and a small part of me is determined to catch them all.

The XA was introduced in 1979 and came straight from the wonderful mind of Maitani, the Master. It is part of a series of aperture priority cameras, but is hands down (in my uneducated opinion) the best. Besides being the coolest looking compact camera that was ever made, it’s got a six element Zuiko 35mm f2.8 lens, CdS exposure meter and shutter speed from (my guesstimate) around 10seconds to 1/500 of a second. Sure, it’s got its limitations, but that’s half of the fun, right?

So, having promised Theo that I would be down to review this camera, I dared to go outside in the rain, with a hangover beating the inside of my skull like the mighty Thor’s hammer. Being on camera is a strange experience, so excuse me for looking everywhere, but where I should be, and slurring my words like maybe I hadn’t stopped drinking from the night before. Here Is an experiential review of the Olympus XA, one of my personal favorite cameras.

Experience & Review:

Olympus XA + Fuji C200:

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