Theo Santana – Yashica T3

The T3 was launched in 1988, but one finds only a rare trace of this camera. The T3 Super of 1990, made more speak about him. Outwardly, except for the “Super” inscription, nothing does seem to distinguish them. The only difference is that the T3 does not allow the shots uninterrupted.

On the T3 a strange viewfinder of the chest appears, called N.A. Scope, NA meaning “New Angle”. To use it, it is necessary to lean and be held to at least 20 cm above the camera to center.

Compared to T2, its lens is more luminous. The T3 is also water-resistant. Do not make diving with; that means only that it resists the sprays.

And the legend says that some great reporters of war, taken for target by the snipers at the time as of conflicts of Central Europe and the Middle-East appreciated this discreet and efficient compact camera…


Photographer: Theo Paul Santana


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