Tom Warlow – Minolta Hi-Matic AF2 on a Bristolian Afternoon

The Minolta Hi-Matic AF2 is a silly camera. It has a silly name, a silly autofocus system, a silly ‘always on’ feature that eats battery like it’s mini chocolate eclairs at a wake, and it beeps sillily whenever you touch its shutter. But my god, did I really enjoy using it.


The sun was setting on a sunny day in Bristol when I loaded the AF2 with some expired Ektar 100. I shot at box-speed, walking to a social-distanced birthday party in a field, and pointed hopefully at some mundane urban scenes on the way. 50% of my images were all over the place, weird exposure, focus completely off, but the ones that worked out were actually kind of lovely.


The 38mm lens provides enough space for the occasional landscape, with the sharpness to crop in for more detail. Contrast is nice, ease-of-use id babyishly simple, and the results? Well, have a look and judge.

I picked up this machine from UK eBay, after a long bidding war with some other bored filmphile, for a good £5, and received it the next day. Would I buy one for more money? Nah. But it did OK and gave me some nice images to keep on my hard drive until God-knows-when. Like I said, it’s a silly camera for a few reasons, and it’ll be taking its place on my shelf to wait for another outing soon.

Tom buys cameras he doesn’t have space for, find him @tkrw.35mm on Instagram or in your browser.


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